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So there is a ton of hackage going around on LJ right now, which I have only just found out about because they got at Shoebox! DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS THAT MAY POSSIBLY LEAD TO RUSSIAN POETRY SITES. Or if you do then download some anti-virus software and some keystroke-encrypting stuff like I have done, and it may be a good idea to archive your LJ posts and check that your password is secure (ESPECIALLY if you have a hotmail account, I don't quite understand this but it seems that the hackers are using hotmail accounts to get to people's journals). Also you can set a security question so that they can't change your password. Be careful though, especially with communities and journals that get a lot of readers.

More details and helpful comments on Jaida's latest post (ladyjaida ).

P.S. Luckily there are a million back-up versions of SBP, unluckily there are not for poor Rave. The hackers deleted all her old entries.